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A really fun game to play, i put it in this game compilation

This game was amazing!

Hola amigos, a fun game to play/rage too and really worth playing.

Oh wow, the rage is real! Awesome game!


I accomplished many things today:

Realized that I'm above dying from aneurysms.

Proved that I love my family through works.

Halfway watched the finals of some sort of football game.

Bellowed forth, and maintained my place at the top of the food chain.

Played this game.



Had a lot of fun playing! Would play again 10/10 -Wixspin


This was fun, I had to drink with the Dad, I never did fully grasp the mechanic for the baby though lol, I can understand why he's so ANGRY!

Being a Dad myself, you'd think I would dominate this game. I never expected this Dad to have such a demanding family however!

Really enjoyed this unique game, and I thought reorienting the house after completing a task was a brilliant touch, which you don't come to fully realise till you're drunk. Well done.

Angry, Angry Simulator is hilariously fun game that everyone should try!

You're just a sweet man trying to watch his game in peace with wihout your rude family constantly interrupting. The controls of the game handle extremely well and the difficulty of the game naturally rises the more rounds you beat. Even the characters are fun to watch, especially the dad and his wife.

A turtorial would help prepare players for what they should be doing but playing and learning for yourselves can be just as fun.

I loved playing Angry, Angry Dad Simulator and it showed in my Let's Play so I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

I had so much fun playing this!!

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Loved this game and my dad got so drunk haha