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Teachers giving away bananas to everyone! 10/10

Make sure to follow me @ YouTube as i upload new videos every single day about random games like this!

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i can not run it on win 7

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, sometimes in life as a student you gotta do what you gotta do and cheat. This is a game where you cheat on exams, so here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it!

It's so fun and interesting at the same time. Sometimes tear-some and redundant, overall, it is a cool game!

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It's clever and fun, but the sensitivity/lag is simply chaotic. Please include resolution and mouse sensitivity settings. It's hard to control the cursor, thus making it very hard to play.


Pls translate for portuguese

This game might be the funniest twisted puzzle game i have played in a long time :) take part of this adventure here :


This is harder than I thought, but it was a lot of fun, many bad bananas here.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

nice video hey do you want to check my out my channel I am uploading more now and addind custom thumbnail



Gameplay Video:

It is fun to play, but it's so buggy. I had to quit after the first level because of it. It would've taken me 10 minutes to play a level with a minute and a half timer! :O


Where did the teacher get the magic stick of bashy non-existence from?

It won't let me open this , I really wanna play it but I can't (an error appears) :[

oh yeah

This was a lot of fun :D


Very fun strategy game, though I had some problems running it with my recording software.

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Omg you made me rage quite hehe, but i found one bug sometimes the teachers wont move anymore :S


Nice and fun experience! :D Some of the levels are frikkin' insanely hard!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!


It would be nice if were to put a graphics option because I want to play but how it goes bad I would not be very good.

Thank you.


Awesome little game once I got the hold of it! Made a hilarious video on it that I wanted to share :)

Check it out!

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fun game, but i feel so bad for the kids hahaha.

" f


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This game was really fun to play. Really enjoyed it

HOW TO CHEAT IN SCHOOL! | Highschool 101


    podrian ayudarme me dice que el archivo esta dañado O Es Un formato desconocido pero ya tengo winrar gracias

    For a game jam game, it is perfect. I had a lot of fun playing it. It is definitely challenging after the first 2 levels and funny as hell!

    Here is my let's play:

    @Developers: Sorry that I broke your game xD It's not your fault, it's mine.


    Dear Team NoIdea,

    Physical abuse of children is vile. I'm appalled that you've decided to play it to comedic effect (and to a certain extent that you included it in the game at all). Next time you make a game that normalizes atrocities, please think through why, and to what end.


    The creators of No Pineapple Left Behind



    Sorry that you feel offended by our little game. Normalizing atrocities is obviously not our intention, it is merely a side product of a game jam theme and 3 days of trying to make a fun game.


    This game was awesome! Even though some weird teachers kinda beat me to death...

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    Loved this game! The concept is really unique and it has the potential to be really hilarious!

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    I rather enjoyed this game! I'd recommend it to anyone!

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    Really good game. I enjoyed it a lot! I did a video on it.

    j'arrive pas telecharger le jeu...


    I love it! haha I cannot finish the third level XD

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